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Unique designer garden fireplace from Wilmont Woodstoves

Did you know that with a designer garden fireplace, you can enjoy a stylishly crackling fire at your home? And that by doing so, you are making a stylish addition to your outdoor space? If you want to enjoy cosy evenings around an odour-free and smoke-free fire pit, turn to Wilmont Woodstoves. A handmade designer garden fireplace from Wilmont Woodstoves is of the highest quality. The exclusive garden fireplace you can buy from us is perfectly tailored to stylish modern outdoor living and is made for you with the utmost care.

The unique features of our designer garden fireplace

What characterises a designer garden fireplace from Wilmont Woodstoves?

  • Exclusivity: every garden fireplace we make is exclusively designed and handcrafted, so you get a garden fireplace that is truly unique.
  • Odour-free and smoke-free: one of the biggest advantages of our designer garden fireplace is that it is odour-free and smoke-free. You can enjoy a cosy fire without the annoying smells and smoke associated with traditional open garden fireplaces. This makes outdoor enjoyment of atmosphere and warmth much more pleasant and comfortable, even on colder evenings.
  • Modern design: our designer garden fireplace has a modern look that fits perfectly into any outdoor space. It is the perfectly designed designer garden fireplace for you.

Handmade mastery

Our designer garden fireplace is the result of craftsmanship and dedication. Each garden fireplace is handmade by experienced craftsmen who strive for perfection in every detail. This means you can count on a top-quality garden fireplace that will last and be enjoyed for generations.

Unique in its kind

Wilmont garden fireplace is an atmospheric, wood-burning fireplace with a beautifully unique flame pattern and wonderful radiant heat. Thanks to the innovative combustion system, combustion is virtually 100%, the flue gases are clean, transparent and odour-free. So you can have a cosy wood fire burning on your terrace without you or your neighbours getting caught in the smoke or a burning smell. With a Wilmont designer garden fireplace, you will bring a unique experience to your garden or outdoor space. Enjoy the cosiness and warmth of a real fire while relaxing in your own garden. Whether spring, summer, autumn or winter, your garden fireplace will create a special atmosphere that brings friends and family together.

High-quality garden fireplace

Our garden fireplace is of particularly high quality, made of stainless steel and galvanised steel. This means that the fireplace will not rust, nor will it leave rust stains on your patio. A special feature of the design outdoor fireplace is that the top functions as a baking tray if desired. The griddle consists of 2 parts, is easy to install and fits in the dishwasher. For optimal heat conduction, the griddle is made of steel, which should always be kept dry. So you can always enjoy a lovely fire in the open air, enjoy the warmth and prepare a tasty meal on the outdoor hearth at the same time.

Typical Wilmont features

In our designer garden fireplace, you will recognise the typical Wilmont features: these are a long burn time thanks to the wood supply, and smoke-free wood combustion thanks to the sophisticated afterburning principle. The garden fire’s wood supply is located in an outward tilting wood compartment that forms one unit with the main combustion chamber. The logs are placed crosswise in the wood compartment. On one filling of wood, the designer garden fire burns for about 2 hours. In the wood compartment there is a removable ash drawer for practical and clean ash disposal.

Experience the luxury of a Wilmont designer garden fire

At Wilmont Woodstoves, we strive to offer you the best for your outdoor space. Our unique, luxurious, and exclusive designer garden fireplace is odour-free, smoke-free and meets everyone’s desires of undisturbed and carefree outdoor living in their own garden or other outdoor space around the house. Transform your garden into a trendy and modern oasis of warmth and tranquillity with a special Wilmont designer garden fireplace.

Buy designer garden fireplace

You can easily buy the Wilmont design garden fireplace online. You can do so directly with us!
With just a few mouse clicks, you can select your designer garden fireplace and have it delivered to your home. No hassle or stress, just pure pleasure. So click the button and buy your designer garden fireplace online today. By doing so, you will discover the warmth and style that only Wilmont can offer you. Make your outdoor space a place where you enjoy spending time, all year round.

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