Wilmont BF9

Wilmont BF9


An exceptional stove

A unique, industrial design. Excellent efficiency. Very clean combustion and lots of convenience: up to 8 hours of burning without refilling. We are proud of this special stove, which cannot be compared to any other wood stove.

€ 8.200,-

The stove is available in two colors:

  • Anthracite gray
  • Matte black


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You can leave a Wilmont wood stove (BF9) alone for hours while you enjoy the pleasant heat, captivating flames, not to mention the stove itself. Only after 4 to 8 hours will you need to refill the Wilmont. The stove will give off its heat evenly during this time.

The Wilmont wood stove is sandblasted and sprayed with heat-resistant lacquer, controls are partly nickel-plated, partly made of plain stainless steel.

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Maximum power: 9 KW
Co-emissions: 0,325 g/Nm3 (0,216 g/MJ) (0,026 vol%)
Fine dust emissions: 0,010 g/Nm3 (0,007 g/MJ)
NOx emissions: 0,131 g/Nm3 (0,087 g/MJ)
CxHy emissions: 0,005 g/Nm3 (0,004 g/MJ)
Efficiency: 86,7 %
Weight: 199 Kg
Maximum temperature at stove pipe connection: 270 °C
Minimum chimney draft at operating temperature: 12 Pa

The BF9 has been tested by TÜV Rheinland Germany, an independent evaluator of product quality and safety. You can download the TÜV report here.

In our user manual you will read all about the operation and use of the stove. You can download this manual here.

A special stove

On the wood stove are special wood buffer tubes. They help give the stove its special appearance. Through these tubes you fill the stove. The logs drop from the tubes into the combustion chamber and burn there.

The flue gases are fed into the adjacent swirl chamber and mixed with highly preheated air. This ensures very clean combustion and low carbon monoxide emissions.

Not only the stove itself, but firing the stove is slightly different from what you may be used to. Actually, unlike other stoves, you don’t have to do anything when the stove is burning. It regulates itself.

You can read more about it in our operating instructions.
And see also the firing method.

What about the Firing Method?

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The Wilmont BIVAK is an attractive, wood-fired patio stove with a beautiful and unique flame pattern and wonderful radiant heat. Due to the innovative combustion system, combustion is almost complete, the flue gases are clean and transparent and do not smell.

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