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A special history

The Wilmont wood stove has a special history. In 2004, mechanical engineer Martijn van Rossum bought an old, dilapidated farmhouse in Goch, Germany. With little money, but with a lot of good sense, he starts refurbishing the house.

But first he makes an adjacent barn temporarily habitable. As a heat source, he gets hold of an antique wood-burning stove. It works fine, but he has to top it up every half hour.

To his mind, this keeps him from his work too often and too much. He starts thinking about a stove that can burn independently for much longer. He builds several prototypes. Each time he overcomes technical problems and each time the stoves get better and cleaner. Ten years after the first tentative design, Martijn van Rossum brings the first handmade Wilmont Wood Stove op de markt. to the market.


Wilmont stoves are hand-built by ourselves (Martijn, Jos, Patrick and Frans) in limited numbers. We do not want to outsource production because, for a technically advanced stove, the quality of each component and of the final assembly must be good to ensure trouble-free operation.

The many hours of manual work make for a high cost price, which is why we cannot work with dealers if we want to keep the selling price down.
We therefore sell directly.

The Bivak can be ordered via this site, for the BF9 please call or e-mail. You will get in touch with Marije or Martijn and we will be happy to help you.

The Team


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The BF9 wood stove

A unique, industrial design. Excellent efficiency. Very clean combustion and great ease of use: up to 8 hours burning without refuelling. We are proud of this special stove, which cannot be compared to any other wood stove.

You can leave a Wilmont wood stove alone for hours, enjoying the pleasant warmth, the captivating flames and not forgetting the stove itself. Only after 4 to 8 hours will you need to refill the Wilmont. The stove will give off its heat evenly during this time.

Also see the Bivak – Terrace stove

The Wilmont BIVAK is an attractive, wood-fired patio stove with a beautifully unique flame pattern and wonderful radiant heat.
The stove is of high quality, made of stainless steel so the stove will not rust or leave rust stains on the terrace.

Thanks to the innovative combustion system, combustion is almost complete, the flue gases are clean and transparent and do not stink. So you can have a cosy fire on your terrace without putting yourself and your neighbours in the smoke.

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