Wilmont BIVAK

Wilmont BIVAK


Unique in its kind

The Wilmont BIVAK is an atmospheric, wood-fired patio stove with a beautifully unique flame pattern and wonderful radiant heat.

Due to the innovative combustion system, combustion is almost complete, flue gases are clean and transparent and do not smell. So you can have a cosy fire burning on your terrace without putting yourself and your neighbours in the smoke.

The stove is of high quality, made of stainless steel and galvanised steel, so the stove will not rust or leave rust stains on the patio. A special feature of the top is that it functions as a baking tray. So you can enjoy the fire, enjoy the warmth, and enjoy a nice meal.



The Wilmont BIVAK

You will also recognise the typical Wilmont features in the BIVAK: long burn time due to the wood stock, and smoke-free thanks to the afterburner principle.
The wood supply is located in an outward tilting wood compartment which is one with the main combustion chamber. The blocks are placed crosswise in the wood compartment, on one filling the BIVAK burns for about 2 hours.

The wood compartment houses the removable ash drawer for practical and clean ash removal.

Atmospheric and comfortable


The afterburner chamber is glazed on 2 sides; you look right through it. The glass is removable and therefore easy to clean.
All windows are equipped with windshield rinse air and stay nice and clean.
When the Bivak is at a good temperature, the lower part of the chimney pipe will become red hot, sometimes to just below the griddle. Combined with the swirling flames in the swirl chamber and the fire in the wood compartment, this gives a beautiful effect, especially in the dark.

High quality

The stove is of high quality, made of stainless steel and galvanised steel, so the stove will not rust or leave rust stains on the patio. The griddle consists of 2 parts, is easy to place and fits in the dishwasher. For the purpose of heat conduction, the baking tray is made of steel; it should be kept dry.

Our user manual tells you everything you need to know about the operation and use of the stove. You can download this manual here.


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The Wilmont stove is a uniquely designed wood-burning stove with special buffer tubes that house and automatically feed the wood. Three buffer chambers are placed on the main combustion chamber. These give the Wilmont wood stove some of its unique look. The supply of logs into the fire occurs naturally. With no regulation, no sensitive technology or moving parts and, last but not least, no need to do anything after you have filled the wood tubes.

This ensures optimal combustion of the flame.


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