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Unique designer outdoor fireplace from Wilmont Woodstoves

Did you know that with a designer outdoor fireplace, you can fully enjoy a nice crackling wood fire near your home? Plus, it adds an elegant element to your outdoor environment. If you long for cozy evenings around a fire pit without annoying smells and smoke, Wilmont Woodstoves is the address for you. Our handcrafted designer outdoor fireplace is synonymous with unmatched quality. The exclusive outdoor fireplace that you can purchase from us is custom made with utmost care and fits seamlessly into the modern outdoor living that most people love to enjoy.

The unique features of our designer outdoor fireplace

What distinguishes a designer outdoor fireplace from Wilmont Woodstoves?

  • Exclusivity: every outdoor fireplace we make is handcrafted, giving you an outdoor fireplace that is truly unique.
  • Odor-free and smoke-free: one of the biggest advantages of our designer outdoor fireplace is the absence of annoying odors and smoke. Enjoy the warmth and atmosphere without the inconveniences of more traditional fireplaces.
  • Modern design: our designer outdoor fireplace is made according to a unique contemporary and modern design that fits seamlessly into a wide variety of outdoor spaces.

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Our designer outdoor fireplace is the result of craftsmanship and dedication. Our experienced craftsmen manufacture the designer outdoor fireplace entirely by hand, striving for perfection down to the smallest detail. This ensures a top quality outdoor fireplace that will last for generations.

Unique garden fireplace

A Wilmont designer outdoor fireplace means enjoying an atmospheric, wood-burning fireplace with a beautiful flame pattern and pleasant radiant heat. Thanks to our innovative combustion system, combustion is almost 100% efficient, without annoying smoke or unpleasant odors. So you can enjoy a wood fire on your patio without worrying about smoke nuisance. With a Wilmont designer outdoor fireplace, you will bring a unique experience to your garden or outdoor space. Enjoy the coziness and warmth of a real fire while relaxing in your own garden. Whether it is spring, summer, fall or winter, your garden fireplace will create a special atmosphere that brings friends and family together.

High quality

Our outdoor fireplace is made of high-quality materials, including stainless steel and galvanized steel, which always prevents rusting. In addition, the top of the fireplace can serve as a convenient griddle for added culinary enjoyment.

Typical Wilmont features

Our designer outdoor fireplace is known for its special features, such as a long burn time thanks to the convenient wood compartment and smoke-free wood combustion thanks to a well-thought-out afterburner principle. The logs are placed crosswise in the wood compartment, allowing you to enjoy a burning fire for about 2 hours.

Also experience the luxury of a Wilmont Design outdoor fireplace

In our designer outdoor fireplace, you will recognize the typical Wilmont features: those features are a long burn time due to the wood supply, and smoke-free wood combustion using our sophisticated afterburner principle. The garden fireplace’s wood supply is contained in an outward tilting wood compartment that is one with the main combustion chamber. Logs are placed crosswise in the wood compartment. On one fill of wood, the designer garden fireplace burns for about 2 hours. In the wood compartment there is an ash drawer that can be easily removed for practical and clean ash removal.

Request a quote for your designer fireplace

Buying a Wilmont designer outdoor fireplace is not difficult. You can buy your desired designer outdoor fireplace directly from our website. With just a few clicks, select your favorite model and have it conveniently delivered to your home. No hassle, no stress, just pleasure. Of course, you can also request a quote for our outdoor fireplace first, so you can decide later whether you want to buy the design outdoor fireplace. To do so, click on the “request a quote” button and then fill out the request form. You will then receive a quotation from us as soon as possible.

Contacting Wilmont Woodstoves

Do you have questions about our designer outdoor fireplace or want to learn more about its use and features? Do not hesitate to contact us. You can do so by phone at 06 28 71 88 00 or by e-mail at We are ready to answer your questions and help you choose the perfect designer outdoor fireplace for carefree outdoor living.

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